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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                   15

her anger without reserve on Madame de Polignac.
Madame de P. stood unmoved, after having In vain
attempted to justify herself. At length she left the
room and returned with a cup and saucer, stirring
some sugar in it, and offered it to the Queen, saying*:
"Your Majesty had better drink off this orange-
flower water." The Queen drank it and was silent;
but twenty-four hours passed in the quarrel, until at
last the Queen made it up with her.

When Madame de Polignac gave up the Dau-
phin to the Duke d'Harcourt, it was remarked that
the child never showed the least concern on part-
ing from her, not even so much as to take leave ,of

i$th. M. de Vergennes died this morning.
He was the first French minister that received
presents from foreign Courts on the conclusion of
treaties. A cunning fellow! for he persuaded the
King that it was to his honour, as it proved how
much the whole world approved of the minister His
Majesty had chosen.

T^th. Went to Versailles, dined with the
d'Osmonds and then to the Queen's ball.

March 6th. Took Mrs. S. to Versailles, to
wait upon the Queen by appointment. Dined at
Madame de Talaru's and returned at night.

i6th*    The Duke of Orleans ran a deer into